Dispenser for asphalt additives

With our products we also take care of the dosage of bitumen for asphalt, a very different product from that used for concrete. We have therefore designed and created a new range of dispensers that handle more corrosive and thicker additives without problems.

Dispenser for additives for concrete

Custom dosers are designed for dosing the admixtures for concrete by adapting the operation to the customer’s needs. Not only dead-man use, but also via load cell or PLC.

Additive kits

Sector dedicated to non-dosing applications, but to heating and recirculation of the product inside the tank to facilitate processing.

Fiber dispenser

A small corner of study has been reserved for the dosing of fibers giving us the possibility of creating a simple and functional machine, as well as inexpensive, to manually dose the fibers on concrete mixing equipment such as concrete mixer trucks or batching plants.

Concrete testing devices

In following and studying the needs of the customers, we have studied and specifically created products that facilitate processes such as the spraying of the release agent or the control of the maturation of the manufactured articles.

Spare parts

Every part of our dispensers can be replaced without necessarily having to buy the whole

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